Products & Materials

Team Hale specializes in homeowner deliveries. Our crew of professional drivers thrive when working with homeowners, contractors and landscapers. Our drivers are trained to safely put your material where you need it, when you need it so your project can stay on budget and on task.

Our topsoil is screened and mixed to provide a full bodied material that is perfect for lawn installs, plant growth, reseeding and a number of other jobs. (Click Here for more information)

We provide a variety of gravel for every job!

Pit Run  – certified non frost susceptible. Used as fill material for holes, foundations, and roads. Compacts well.

D-1 – used for driveways, parking pads, and shed foundations. Compacts well.

Recycled Asphalt – used for driveways and parking pads. Compacts well.

3/4 Inch Crushed Rock – used for driveways, drainage, and landscaping

2 Inch Drain Rock – used for drainage, leach fields, and landscaping

Oversize River Rock – used for decorative landscaping

Pea Gravel – used for drainage, landscaping, pet kennels, and playgrounds

Fill– used for filling large areas, non certified materials

Sand – used as bedding for pavers and concrete. Great for kid’s sand boxes.

We also haul specialty materials including mulch, compost, blasted rock, and crushed concrete. If you are looking for something else, chances are Team Hale can find it and haul it for you.

Need a truck? We are happy to supply our trucks for your construction project to haul material in or out for you. We can put a logistics solutions together for whatever your project entails.

To determine how much material you will need, multiply the length (L) of the area to cover, by the width (W), times the desired depth (using the table below). Then, divide the result by 27 for total cubic yards. [15 cubic yards of topsoil will cover approximately 1,000 to 1,200 square feet, 4 inches deep.]

Depth of material:
1 inch=.083        4 inches=.333
2 inches=.166     5 inches=.417
3 inches=.25       6 inches=.50
Example: 50ft X 80ft = 4000sq/ft X 4 inches deep (.333)= 1332 divided by 27= 49.3 cubic yards

No quantity is too large or too small for TEAM HALE!